From Mary Theresa Adams MD

I often get asked about training for Botox and fillers, and the number one question is “have you heard about this place or that place?  To be honest, most of the time I have not.   But I want to give my thoughts on what training should be.  And yes, Michelle and I love to do training events at MD Boutiques, and would love to have you join us for a session or even two, but the purpose of this information is to provide my thoughts on training…


Firstly, training should be from someone who has done his/her own training and has a practice where he/she actually performs these procedures on a regular basis.  

 Secondly, how great would it be to actually talk to someone who took the training!  Was it worthwhile?  Were the trainers approachable and knowledgeable?  Was there enough hands-on experience?

Speaking of hands-on, it was brought to our attention in one of our training events that the provider we trained had been to another course and never actually mixed the Botox (it’s not difficult, but that’s part of the process).  I can’t emphasize the need for hands-on.  You absolutely have to understand the product, anatomy, indications, and complications, but there is no substitute for actually performing the procedure under knowledgeable supervision.  There should be so many models that you feel comfortable with planning, counseling, and injecting by then end of the training.

Finally, Michelle and I look at each person we train as an extension of us, and with that comes our mentorship after the course.  Have questions about ordering a product, patient planning, or complications, we want you to call us.  We have been fortunate to call the people we have trained our friends, and can only hope you can find something similar in your training.  

For more information about professional training or spa manager sessions, contact Bozena Cordova at 719-282-7782

We offer basic and advanced Botox and filler training to qualified professionals. We also offer a one on one working teaching session for spa managers.